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We went diving went Emma and her team around first week of June and it was a fun and breezy experience. Everything was very well organised with experienced dive masters with fun activities also included. We had a few friends who did not dive but came along for the ride and they organised fun things for them to do too. They are very easy to locate, near the pier so everything is quite convininent. Do tell them what your diving expectations are and they will make it a good experience for you, as much as possible. Weather is in no one control :)


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I’ve been diving for more than 15 years now and I can’t think of a more professional diving centre than PKT. The whole experience is quite unique both from the beauty of the diving spots they take you to, and for the well thought experience the whole crew provides.

It was my girlfriend’s first time diving and I really wanted her to enjoy and feel safe. Our Instructor was super patient with her and transmitted a huge deal of calm and reassurance. I’ve even seen him taking care of clients from other diving centres so as to make sure everybody in the diving spot was safe and having a great relaxing scuba dive. An example of professionalism and empathy both for the customers and the environment.

A big plus to the dive is that they provide you with fruits, lunch, coffee, tea and water on board. I can’t wait to come back to Phi Phi and dive with them again!


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We had the best experience in diving here. They are a 5 star company. That brings confidence. Everything works great! Manu is the best instructor and made us really calm and explained everything perfectly so we could get our certificate. Everyone in the dive center are nice. If you are planning to dive. Just come here.

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Did a discovery dive in Viking Cave and Bida Nok. These guys are well equipped, super experienced, and a lot of fun. Highly recommend!! This area is some of the best diving in Thailand full time the brim with fish, coral, sharks, etc. definitely on the must-do list


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This was my boyfriend and mine's first ever time scuba diving and it was fantastic! The whole team were great throughout the whole process. We received thorough explanations on what was going to happen, the dive sites we would go to (wind/wave dependent), and then on the boat, super clear instructions on what we needed to know before entering the water!
It was one dive leader to two beginner divers which made us feel safe and comfortable. Our leader Terrance was brilliant. He made us feel incredibly relaxed, safe, and kept us laughing with his jokes. As somebody who was a bit nervous about their first dive, Terrance was an absolutely brilliant guide and made sure we had a great first dive experience. I would highly recommend this company and all the wonderful dive team to anyone looking to scuba dive on Phi Phi.
If I come back to Phi Phi in the future I would definitely book with PKT Diving again!


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5 STAR SCUBA SCHOOL. I've been to a number of scuba diving centers around the world and this is the best so far. We had a certified instructor named Emma - she is the best of the best, super careful and cautions all the time with us - and we had one of the best dive experiences with her.

It was my girlfriend's birthday, and she gave her one of the best experiences she's ever had. We even had a birthday cake. The site we visited was teeming with marine life, and she took excellent care of us, making us feel comfortable all the time. I will undoubtedly want to do more dives with this fantastic scuba school.


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My very first time scuba diving and everything went great, saw lots of nice fish.
Special thanks to Manu and Emma, hopefully till next time! 🙂


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I completed the Padi Open Water Course with PKT Diving & had a fantastic experience. Emma was the best instructor (especially being a native English speaker) and I had one on one tuition which made completing the course that much more enjoyable. We also saw some great wildlife on the dives including sharks, squid, puffer fish, eels, and lion fish. I would definitely recommend PKT Diving to anyone looking for a diving school.


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