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Why you’re not “Lucky” to work as a PADI Diving Instructor.

PKT Diving Instructor Team

For many years, if I post a picture of a beautiful location or something incredible that I have seen underwater on Instagram, I will get messages “Oh you’re so lucky”

It’s always frustrated me…

I have been to a lot of countries around the world, have lived long term in a few and now I call the beautiful land of Thailand my home.

Have I been fortunate? Maybe….. Have I been Lucky? Certainly not.

Phi Phi Island Thailand

Becoming a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor takes guts, it takes money and it takes sacrifice, but above all it takes a passion and desire to follow your dreams and ultimately achieve the goal of doing your hobby as a job.

How many people, can honestly say – I get paid for something, I would do for free every day? (If money was not a factor of course)

Sometimes when we are heading out on the boat, it’ll be one of THOSE mornings where the Ocean is flat, the sky is blue, you can see the visibility is awesome from the boat, the customers are buzzing with excitement and anticipation, the music is going, the instructors are bouncing around like kids on Christmas morning – and we all shoot each other a look “Is this real?”

Yes, it is and it’s unbelievable – but is it luck? No.

Find your passion

Why you’re not “Lucky” to work as a PADI Instructor?

When you decide to Go Pro as a PADI Instructor, it’s a big decision, you usually need to leave home and venture to the unknown, it’s costly, as not only are you paying for your Professional Training, you have to support yourself financially and with food and accommodation and of course all the gear…

I think a lot of people when starting their professional training, have an overwhelming feeling of Imposter Syndrome

"When are they going to find out that I don’t know what I am doing?”

The reality is, no one does at the beginning – otherwise you wouldn’t need the training hey? :-)

Take a risk

Your PADI Divemaster Course is the first run on the professional ladder, after completing your Rescue Course, your Divemaster Course is CRUCIAL. This is where you learn all the in’s and out’s and how to operate and conduct yourself as a PADI Dive Professional. It’s important to do your research, get the best training and don’t rush it!

Our Divemaster course runs for a minimum of 6 weeks, this gives our candidates great exposure to a variety of customers, conditions, and scenarios, a good Solid Divemaster Course, will ultimately, make both your PADI Instructor Development Course and also your Professional Career, a lot smoother sailing.

PKT Diving Instructor Development Course

Your PADI Instructor Development Course, normally runs anywhere from around 12 days to 21, depending on the Course Director you have chosen. Do your research, don’t choose to do your course at a Dive Centre, just because it’s in a beautiful location, look at who is teaching you – the beautiful locations are obviously a bonus, but once you have completed this training you have a lifetime of beautiful locations to call your office.

phi phi island

As a PADI Diving Instructor you wear many hats throughout the day, medic, counsellor, therapist, friend, adventurer, spotter and safety ambassador just to name a few. Days are not always easy, life every day isn’t all sunshine and rainbows… it’s still life.

However, guiding and teaching people in the Ocean, introducing them to the Aquatic Realm and watching your students and customers wonder in Awe and fascination at what lies beneath the surface, is truly a feeling you can’t put a price tag on.

Maybe you have only just started Diving or have your Open Water Licence and feel that it's just not possible.... believe me, it is.

diving phi phi island

People often say being a PADI Diving Instructor is “The best job in the world” and I have to agree..

But you need to put in the effort, you need to want it and you CAN make it happen. Talk to Industry Professionals - You may be amazed at how wonderful the Worldwide Diving Community is and how many people want to genuinely help you and then….. go for it….

Your training is a hell of lot of fun, I would do all my Pro Training again in a heartbeat, it was one of the best times of my life…. However, it takes time, dedication, laughter, tears, money, sacrifice, hard work and ultimately your own passion and self-worth to push you through.

Are PADI Scuba Diving Instructors “Lucky” to have the job they have?

As a twist on words from the Wonderful Late Tina Turner

“What’s Luck gotta do with it?”

PADI Instructor Development Course

If you would like some advice, please do reach out to us, we can offer you a solution that can help achieve your goals, we have all been there, we know it can be a big decision – if it was easy, everyone would do it.

Check out our Divemaster Course

See our PADI Instructor Development Calendar

Contact us HERE

You will never know, if you don't ask the question.....

Emma Hudson

Dive Centre Manager

PKT Diving

PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre

129 Moo.7, Phi Phi Island, Krabi 81000

Mobile - +66 96 949 3934

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