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Why our PADI IDC’s always cause trouble…

You may or may not have seen our posts about our PADI Instructor Development Courses here at PKT Diving on Phi Phi Island -  we advertise across various platforms and we are very vocal about our passion for Instructor Development.

We won’t lie – we want to be the best on Phi Phi Island, we want to be the “Go-to” PADI Instructor Development Centre on this crazy little Island.

When you complete your PADI IDC and IE – You have invested time and money (and usually a lot of emotions) to become a PADI Instructor.

What’s your goal after that?  - Well hopefully to work as an Instructor!

So why does PKT Diving cause trouble when advertising our IDC’S .......Well, we ACTUALLY offer work after your IE as a PADI Instructor – Paid work, proper work – with a nurturing and supportive team.

But what’s the problem? Because no one else is doing it?

When we post – we have comments or messages from others in the industry, saying that we are lying or it’s a scam just to promote our IDC’s and there is no way we can offer work to our IDC Candidates

The reason we do this, is actually from my personal experience after my IE – I had sold my house and invested everything into spending some time to become a PADI Professional, it was one hell of a journey, but I remember getting back to my mums house in the UK as a NEW PADI Instructor all excited about my next destination and where I was going to start working!

I had a background in the recruitment industry, so I knew how to write a CV and a cover letter and approach a job search and I got no-where for a few weeks, I had some glimpses of hope, but I was up against more experienced instructors and I’ll be honest, I did feel a bit disheartened.

Eventually I was offered a role – and as we say, the rest is history.

So why do we offer work after your IE with PKT Diving?

When you finish your IDC, you’re full of passion – you can’t wait to teach your first course (although usually petrified about it too) and then you are let off into the big wide world to find a job. 

We want to harness that passion, put straight into practice what you have learnt and keep the momentum moving. 

If you show an interest at staying to work with us, before you start your IDC you will normally have an idea of how long you want to stay in Phi Phi – and this will most likely change as you go on - We have had people say they want to stay for a few months and have been with us 2 years!

But whether it’s for long term, or just a few months.  When you approach your next job application, you already have on your CV.

PKT Diving 4 Months – PADI OWSI (for example)

And this is going to give you a better chance as an applicant.

Do we offer everyone work?  - That would be a crazy statement hey?

No, of course not – if you come in with a shitty attitude, disrespect our team, our Dive Centre,  have a general lack of professionalism, bad attitude and don’t respect PADI Standards, then of course not – we will wish you well and you will have to find your own way.

However, if you come in and are respectful through your IDC, ask questions, show a willingness to learn, with the right attitude – then jump on board, as we love people like you - THE OPTION TO WORK HERE IS OPEN TO EVERYONE WITH THE RIGHT ATTITUDE


And do you know what? We have had some of the best instructors work for us straight out of our IDC’S  - like the best we have ever hired!

Why?  Because they buy in mentally to the Dive Centre from the day they arrive, they are emotionally invested, get to know the team and feel supported.


So no, it’s not a scam that we offer work - we do and we want to do more of it

We must be doing something right, check out the Award we received from PADI This week - for our

"Outstanding Contribution to Professional Training" for 2023

Phi Phi Island can be very transactional, it is a small island – so you may want to work for 2, 6 or 9 months – or like some, stay and work for years

But lets get your PADI IDC done first - Check out our dates below for the rest of 2024

Don't believe the old saying, it's too good to be true - they are only your limiting beliefs

You CAN work as an instructor and you can succeed in this wonderful and crazy life as PADI Scuba Diving Instructor

Lets Chat - Reach out to me:

Whatssap +66 96 949 3934

Email - gopro@pktdiving,com

And lets get this show on the road


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