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How cheap can you get your PADI Course?

Every week we have customers come to us and say, “XXX Dive Centre has offered the same course a lot cheaper, can you do the same?”

PKT Diving certainly are not the lowest priced Dive Centre on the Island, in fact, we probably have the highest prices here for PADI Courses both recreational and professional.

There are several reasons for this, but I think firstly you need to ask yourself if you were going Sky Diving - would you also be looking for the cheapest operator?

Probably not. Scuba Diving is not any different.

Funny Sky Diving Quote

Price is always a factor of course, last week I bought a pair of cheap bright blue converse type trainers for 150thb - I was made up I loved them and 150thb.... What a STEAL?!?!

Until the next day it rained, and I am currently on day 4 of having my very own blue feet – as the cheap dye has run. Now I have spent 500thb on various potions and liquids, plus 800thb at the local beauty salon for a pedicure to try and get rid of my Avatar looking feet, so how much did the shoes actually cost me?

PKT Diving Boat

So how Cheap can you get your PADI Course?

PKT Diving is the biggest PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre on Phi Phi Island; this means we hold both PADI and our own Safety Standards very very high. Our Equipment is all new and regularly serviced, we even have prescription diving masks for those that need glasses to make their dives more enjoyable.

Our tanks are all tested within the dates that they should be, we have the biggest dive boat on the Island and our PADI Instructors are exceptional at what they do.

We don’t rush people, we don’t tailor your course to fit with our own schedule, we work to both your ability and desires along with your holiday plans.

Leopard Shark at Phi Phi Island

Scuba Diving is fun, it can heal you physically and mentally, it opens a whole other world of endless possibilities and adventure – you get to experience 70% of the planet, that others will never get to see.

But it can be dangerous if not taught correctly, you need to know what to do to keep yourself safe and have trust that your instructor has your best interests at heart, not just for the sake of providing a course – but sending you off into the world as either a PADI Diver or a PADI Professional.

Do you want to learn how to do that with a Dive Centre that you may not be 100% on, but you may have saved 1000thb?

PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre

When choosing a Dive Centre, whether PADI or another organization – Check that they ARE actually a PADI Centre by looking on, then look at the customer reviews, their social media, then speak to them whether online or in the shop, does it FEEL right? Do you have confidence in them?

In comes back to the old saying - “You pay for what you get”

If you need any help or advice, you can always reach out to us online, whether you are Diving around Phi Phi Island or not – as PADI Professionals, we are here to help and give advice to anyone that is either looking at starting Scuba Diving or looking to progress their education.

We are proud that we do not offer a "Cheap" Service, look for quality and you will have a lifetime of adventure ahead of you.

Safe Bubbles and Happy Diving

PKT Dving and Snapper PADI Discover Scuba Diving

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